Sound Horizon

And now I'm with a question...

Maybe someone knows and would be so kind >_< to retell me the plot of Sound Horizon's stories? It seems to me like this group is popular in China also... And I've become a real fan XDDD Though I can not find in English Internet anything about stories they tell in their albums T_T I'm so curious about it... Especially about latest release,"Moira".

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Hi~ I'm coming to say hello
It seems U are having a busy time these days...
since I haven't seen you on MSN for couples of weeks
even at weekend midnight...
So, I'd better rise my question here.
Well,do comicfans in Rassia also publish large amount of fanbook or doujinshi ?
Have you bought any?

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I'm so glad that those web sites help X'DD and your welcome Amane-san ^_^~
Yes yes their music is so good and unique. I really wish I could understand their songs TTwTT.....
Wow, those lines are very interesting^^, and Sound Horizon songs are, indeed, very inspiring. Have you listened to "Eien no Shounen" in the LOST album?, whenever I heard that song, I always think about Ivan LOL :'3

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Ohhhh... Wow!..
Thank you SO much!
I've been searching for something of this for years=))
Sound Horizon's amazing and unusual mixings of everything that can be mixed (music, poetry, history, drama, legends, different languages, arts for their albums...) is a total satisfaction to my yearning for synthesis^^
And also their music gives a great inspiration.

Reading eagerly forum now...
Was especially interested with these lines: "Basically, it’s Thanatos feel for those sufferers of his mother, Moira (Destiney/Fate), and vows to save them by welcome them to the world of dead. I won’t go into detail because the lack of objects and subjects in the lyrics makes the song fit for many kinds of interpretations. ... Thanatos said Elef is his container. I first thought that Elef is Thanatos himself when Thanatos enter the world of human. But now I think maybe he’s just the “window” or “instrument” for Thanatos to get insight, and to “save” those sufferers."

Maybe that's because I'm astonished by this art:
Or because these lines too much remembered me of my own novel I'm writing LOL (I've been thinking of it while listening to "Sound Horizon" music, so that's why maybe such a coincidence happened... XDDD Though I didn't understand any word. But well, probably music is the best language which people of all countries and nations can understand XDDD )

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Oh shoootttt!!! >_<;;;;;
I just found out that the middle website I gave you doesn't say anything about the songs!!! I'm very sorryyyy!!!!
The last website is better, if you scroll down the bar till middle, there's someone who summarized Moira......and this is much better!
I'm sorrryyyyyy!!! for making so much trouble >_<
Will go try and look for more!
(ohwhereisthatidiotwebsiteisawbeforeeee????? I should have made a link.......*sigh*)

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Oh yes! a Sound Horizon fan here X'DDD!!!!
>>>to retell me the plot of Sound Horizon's stories?
I can only find the lyrics of the songs, pretty much songs in this web site. Sorry, I remembered I saw a website that tells the summary of each album, but I can't find it anymore =.=;;;;;.......ah! forgot to say! but the link I just gave you doesn't allow to view some of the Moira album! >_<
*will go and look for it again Q.Q*

And here is the summary of the Moira album:

Maybe you can look at this website, the people there, like, they answer people's question. Maybe worth take a look, if you can't find what you want in the 2 webs I gave you before *_*

I hope these help!!! >_<



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