I don't understand, what is it - a new fashion for C/R at LP? LOL
Ohhh... I wished to have a favourite pairing without any argues about this top/bottom thing for such a long time and finally it seemed to me that I found it. But then... again?!
Why am I so unluckyyyyy? *tears to no end* XDDDDDDDDDD

UPD. A-a-and... the new stab in the back!!! My friends say that in the new serie of APH (I don't watch it) Vanya finally appears and looks terribly ukeish XDD I know, dear Universe, that's all for me, to show that no calmness can last for a long time LOL
(No, I won't give up! Especially taking into account that I read no manga, watch no anime and imagine Vanya's personality just like I want it to imagine XDDD And no-o-o-o, I'll never accept him wiping "it hurts"... OMG! OMG! OMG! My poor sensitive nervous system...)

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No title

You won't give up but I give up……
English is too difficult for me.
I’ sorry to complain it.
And……Do you want to get into LP?
Welcome to loveandpeace!
We all love you,my great sister!
Your articles were so sweet and made Ivan is smart~

No title

Ohh~, U can get onto LP?
Well, put Yao in the front does not mean that Yao is the seme.
It can be turn over as U like.
Vanya can't be ukeish. At least in my opinion.
How about the vote in Russia now?
I can not express my happiness when seeing R/C is also popular in Russia.
I have add U into my friend list of MSN, but I have so little chance to meet U on M.
I hope to have a talk with U in the weekend.
May I call you in a shorter name? Amanecer is to long to remenber.By the way, U can call me JIN if you like.

No title

Vanya sounds childish in the animation, but I don't think that's ukeish @_@.
His childish voice and naive face expression are only the surface. Cruelty and darkness are what's under it.
He has such a self-contradicted personality, naive but cruel, cry easily but so fortitude, eager to have warmness but protected by coldness, and etc.
That is why I prefer him to be the seme, but some people think he should be the uke for the same reason XDDD.

BTW, do you have an invitation for the registry of LP? It shouldn't be too complicated (well, the system is). There is an extra window for filling your reason of registering, and all other options should be same with any other community @_@.

No title

Hey,Amanecer,I come again!XDv-8v-8

I have translated the 1st story,I'll continue with the next one

There are many replies on my Hetalia community.(Everyone love you so muchXDDDDD)
.I translated a few of them for you.

westiger 1楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:39
Well……How could I tell?oh my god,my Nu Wa.[コルコル:Nu Wa is the goddess and humane primogenitor in Chinese myth who mended the sky by colorized melting stones.And one of these colourized stones fell into the Earth--->And this stone's reincarnation is just Baoyu--You can read it in "A Dream of the Red Chambers". O(∩_∩)O]

OK,when Ivan clasping his head to Yao's belly,my chin began to fall,I thought they will have a baby,and I kept on reading then began to believe that it will be a fiction about their baby even if this one dosen't refer to.And……sex switch,active guard/bottom,converse(I don't think it's R/C/R),then restore to normal.

Intrepid idea……I cannot believe my eyes so I read it twice ever if it's Chinese version.

The westerner needn't be so startling serious to the oriental reserved attitude.Please consider it as Yao was only flirting with Vanya.If Yao really wants nothing,he will push Vanya from him and runs away,rather than say "No" in Vanya's arms.This proper pride is just because Yao worried about the inequality between them.So Vanya should praise Yao's special abilities and let him show them.And this way can jolly Yao along and agreed to join in the things about……(covered by the iron pot)[コルコル:Westiger,I love you.You said what I want to say,but I'm too shy to tell the Russian girl.-3-]

陈若贤 2楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:40

Wooden stool!

1:I have seen a big loli girl.Oh Mama a big loli girl arrives on the scene!
2:In fact it's C/R but I still consider it as R/C!NINI you have an infirm auraTAT!
3:Ivan you are so gentle= =
4:……Wish you have a harmonious life!……(Wait,why do I have a fancy that I am going to marry a daughter?)

kanana 3楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:41
AHHHAHHHAHHH R/C is so sweet!
This russia girl writes very well.
Boss,do you put some sprinkle of sugar on this article?
It's running over~
It's so sweet that I want cry!!Q口Q/////

annebaby 4楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:42
I feel sth in my nose//////////(Hold on!)
Creditably written by Russian.Some word is normal but still sexy.
It's terse and crisp during the conversations and paragraphs.
She actually knows "Baoyu"?--Did she read "A Dream of the Red Chambers"?
PS:In fact I really like Ivan being a girl very much!

saya_ae 5楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:48

Being……being a girl
So startling0_0
But the foreigners' way of writing article is different with ours……some strange feeling……
Viva R/C><

liy1111 7楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:53
AHAH,I know this girl.I saw her on Loli54's Blog,she is so cute~and so dose 54's blog.
This article made me flush~~~><My heart is really still so fragile~~~

莱小红 8楼 发表于: 2009-03-24 20:54
Gee, How could I tell?Ivan being a girl???!Wow,I want to watch the picture about it……some heartsweets,pls draw it.
Really…… the thinking of the russia girl is so broad……Heihei,R/C/R……wow,it's a super sweet person.

It's the first time to read the foreign BL story except for Japanese ones……And it's about NINI.Feel……so happy=v=

The conversation about names is so interesting.


In Russia both the boys and the girls are very tall?……en……Oriental’s stature is shorter.

This girl is well aware that oriental is reserved to sex……en……That's exactly oriental respond.

Lithe Yao jun……(From a BL fan's viewpoint……I love it……How shall I put it?……ahhhh,NINI can I push you over?)

No title

I know your Hetalia-community XDD
Once I get on to a russian coummunity but all screen Russian made me completely muddled. Chinese must make you the same feel.XDD It's really not easy for you to surf LP.
Oh,I'd like to know how is the vote(favorite pair with Vanya) going now? Is R/C still NO 1?

No title

Perhaps, but I still have a very bad sense of humour. *darkly*

I just wonder, whom to kill blame for this fashion? XDDDD The serie of anime?

And I wonder if there is any fan-fic or fan-art in Russia?
Well... As for fanfics, I didn't see good ones. Maybe that's because I'm very exacting, but even if so, there are not too many of them. And the same for fanarts - if judging by our Hetalia-community, people for some reason prefer to draw Vanya separately, but not in a couple. Anyway, there's nothing of such a scale as LP. I said somewhere before that anime and manga do not have in Russia so many fans as in Asian countries - nevertheless, the fashion for it is spreading^^

What does this word mean?
Ah ha ha, that's just an adjective, formed from "uke" (that's Japanese word for "bottom", you should know it) XDDDDD

No title

I'm surprised to see that C/R fashion,too. 0-0
But it can add some fun in this pair occasionally , I think.
Most people still love R/C firmly, like me. XDD
We need more fan-fic and fan-art of R/C! And I wonder if there is any fan-fic or fan-art in Russia?(R/C of course)

What does this word mean? Google Translate can't translate it.

No title

Unreal. Absolutely unreal. They will end up laughing on each other, and no NC at all!
Probably it's just kinda joke. People can't be serious about that.

No title

Ukeish Vanya??? with who?
dear, it's such a vomit, sorry)) just a single thought about it makes me sick...


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