Some weird thoughts in the middle of the night.

Surfing different foreign blogs, look at the photos of people I never knew and never will know...
And it is a very strange feeling.
Just like when you walk in evening and look accidentally in windows from outside and see a room. And then it comes sometimes, the fleeting feeling that's your room and you're not you, but another person. It lasts for a second or so, making you feel giddy with the sensation of living during this second a whole life. A life of somebody else. And it is so weird...

I believe in reincarnation. Maybe that's the premonition of it? Some day... A new life, a new country, a new language, a new character, new interests, new parents, new friends, everything different. But still - me...

Querr thoughts in the middle of the night. But... to tell the truth, what I've described is a sensation I like the most. It gives me a feeling of absolute freedom, just like no time and no spaces are barriers. That's such a pity it lasts for a few seconds, not longer.

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Life is say goodbye.So I was told.

Perhaps that's why a new start is expected.

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We are by the same stranger to acquaintance,This is a good feeling, too,isn't it?

tea tree--->茶树?a tree which used to picking tea to drink?

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Reincarnation?That is possible for us to play any role……well,I want to a tea tree.(My boyfriend:No~~~Me:You can be a bird. My boyfriend:No~~~



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