The last working day before the 8th of March - is probably a day I'm especially glad I'm a girl, not a boy XDDD
Poor men, there are just so many women in our corporation to congratulate... (and it seems to be the same in so many other companies! I just wonder, where do the most of men work? Do they work at all? XDD)
To tell the truth, I really hate holidays with their stuff... But today it was unexpectedly pleasant to receive flowers and presents.
Today also my best school friend married. In April her baby will be born... And I feel myself rather strange remembering the day of my own wedding, me either expecting a baby. It seems to be so long, long ago. Did I feel then how it would end up - me in another city, my ex-husband in a mental hospital, our child growing up without his parents? Maybe... But I just wanted to fulfil my childish dream, no matter all of this was just an illusion created by myself and I inderstood it rather clearly. Well... I really do not know if I regret about this period of my life. Now, when I understand I'll hardly marry again, maybe I'm glad I had this day, wedding day, me in a white dress and a bridal veil. Isn't it a dream of every girl? XDD
But then, after all, I do really hate fluff, romance and sweet happy endings in fanfiction, movies and so on. Does it mean I'm embittered?

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