A full cycle

Somebody wanted NC-17? >_<

Here it is, though I was totally wrong considering it would be easier to do it in English than in Russian. The heck with the shyness, I just do not know enough words to describe the process! XDDD Well… what is done, it is done.

Author: Vansaires
Title: A full cycle
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: China/Russia, Russia/China
Rating: well… not NC-17 actually, but it’s all about smut XD
Genre: PWP!
Warning: Lousy English. AU and OOC (that means I do not take Ivan and Yao as Russia and China but as a Russian and a Chinese instead). Smut. Slash (though also contains a scene of het sex with female!Vanya… sorry, I just wanted Yao to be seme as well^^)
to loli武士

“Oh, my little Yao, beautiful, my Orient Queen…”

Taking a strand of long shining black hair into his hand, Ivan pressed it to his lips and kneeled before Yao, looking so revered as if he suddenly saw a Lord’s herald, an angel came down to earth from the clouds.

But Yao didn’t seem to be in a good mood today.

“Oh please, stop it!” His voice sounded rather annoyed. “You’re treating me like I’m a beautiful knick-knack, like I’m… a girl!”

His lover tried, as usual, not to pay attention to his words (because if he did, he would never become his lover, Ivan understood that quite clearly).

“Oh, come on, my little princess…” murmured he, embracing him tight, and pressed his head to Yao’s stomach, hoping he’ll start to stroke his hair after it – he especially liked this kind of caress. “Saying you’re beautiful doesn’t mean I’m treating you like a girl. I’m not.”

“No, you ARE!” Yao seemed to become even more irritated. “And what you’re doing now – isn’t it just another striking demonstration?! That’s… that’s like I’m your pregnant wife and you’re clasping your head to my belly, waiting for baby to kick!”

That was too much, even for Ivan.

“I’ve never implied this. You’re seeing just what you want to see!” said he discontentedly. “Are you having a complex of masculine inferiority?”

“You would also have it, if you were the one, who’s always being…” grumbled Yao and suddenly stopped short.

Ivan seemed to become amused by this pause.

“Being what?” asked he, smiling cunningly.

“You understand what I mean.”

“No, I don’t! You’re the one calling me fool always, so, that’s it, I admit, I’m a fool, therefore don’t understand hints!” he announced and continued, obviously enjoying his own performance. “Please, Yao, oh, wise, refined, manly Yao, explain a poor, stupid, coarse me, what do you mean!..”

Yao rolled up his eyes and muttered, “Idiot.”

“Oh, yes!” agreed Ivan willingly. “That’s what I’m talking about! So?..”

“I mean what we’re doing in bed!” snapped Yao out, not going to keep up this silly game.

“We’re sleeping in bed,” remarked Ivan innocently. “Is it an action, dishonorable for a man – to sleep?”

“Oh please.”

“Okay, okay!” Ivan laughed and then sighed. “If it is a problem for you, though I’ve never thought it can be, then let’s talk about it. So… you’re dissatisfied with being underneath me permanently? Well… wanna fuck me yourself? If you really wish… then okay, that’s not a problem for me.”

Yao looked up at him, from the height of his 169 cm. Then he slowly moved his eyes down, at Ivan’s waistband, and even more, below his belt, blushed heavily and quickly turned aside.

“That would be ridiculous,” said he gloomily after a few minutes. “I don’t want to be ridiculous.”

Though it didn’t seem like he also didn’t want to try a thing Ivan was talking about.

For a few minutes they remained silent, Ivan looking as if he was considering something intently, whereas Yao couldn’t see him.

“You know…” he said finally, “everything in this world consists of two parts, positive and negative, plus and minus, Yin and Yang… Yet you should know about Yin and Yang better than me. But well… people also consist of two parts, feminine and masculine, though it’s very difficult for them to switch between these parts even mentally, not talking about a physical ground. However there’re some advantages in being immortal creatures, like we are, and one of these advantages lies in the fact that it’s much easier for us to do it. Didn’t you ever try, Yao?..”

Yao suddenly sensed a strong fragrance of perfume in the air and had a bad feeling.

“What are you…” he began and turned back to Ivan.

And nearly collapsed on the floor.

There was no Ivan in the room, at least that Ivan, Yao was used to see, but a girl with a long fair hair and shining violet eyes. She had extremely long lashes and was smiling – very seductive smiling, if telling the truth.

“My little Yao,” said she and took a step forward.

Yao froze on the spot not even being able to say something.

The girl came close to him and suddenly contagiously laughed.

“Ah ha ha, you really ARE little! Even being a girl I’m taller than you, at least 2 cm or even more!”

And though her voice was unusually soft, it definitely was Ivan, therefore Yao breathed with relief (trying not to let him… her?!.. to notice it).

“You’re crazy…” whispered he, feeling the two thin although still strong arms twisting around his neck. “How did you manage to do it?”

“I’ve said it’s not so difficult for creatures like us. But… maybe that’s also the power of my strongest wish. The wish to fulfill every wish of yours.”

Yao suddenly felt something, like a pain in his chest, and said quickly, trying not to concentrate upon this feeling, “But I’ve never said I want a girl.”

Ivan laughed, moved back and began to unwind his scarf.

“You know, with me being like that… it won’t be ridiculous at all, right?”

The scarf felt to the floor, soon followed by the beige jacket, pullover and trousers. Yao looked at it nervously and closed his eyes, trying to remember, if there were some more clothes Ivan’s wore, or he must have been absolutely naked by now.

The positive answer didn’t make itself to wait long.

“Yao… come here and let us let you take a revenge,” said Ivan with a light chuckle, and then grasped and pulled him towards bed.

That was only while feeling the softness of a female body under his palms after Ivan took his hand and put it onto his (oh well, her) bosom, when Yao decided to open the eyes - and hereupon would jump aside, if Ivan didn’t hold him so tight.

“What?” he asked desperately. “I’m so ugly as a girl? Not seductive, not beautiful at all?..”

He looked as if going to burst into tears.

“Oh!..” Yao shook his head and finally let himself breathe the fragrance of girl’s body and scan its contour with a look. “No, you are. Very beautiful.”

Ivan smiled, then folded him in his arms tighter.

“And… can I take this hardness…” Yao felt the girl’s knee sliding between his legs and rubbing against his groin, “…as a confirmation of your words?”

The color rushed to Yao’s cheeks as well as oppressive heat spread throughout his body.

“You!..” just managed he, closing his eyes again.

This time Ivan took it right.

“What?” he laughed. “Don’t say you’re shy! Haven’t you seen me naked for a thousand of times?”

“Yes, but… not like this!” answered Yao, reddening even heavier. “That’s just… so unusual.”

“I thought you’ve got used to my experiments,” Ivan said and then his voice sounded more serious. “Don’t be shy, I… I want you to feel what I’m feeling while being with you, while taking you. You’ll see, there’s nothing humiliating in it.”

“I didn’t say that’s humiliating, I just…” muttered Yao and looked again at this unfamiliar Ivan’s face with familiar purple eyes, overwhelmed with tenderness. “You’re very beautiful…” he couldn’t help but repeat and kissed him on a cheek slightly.

“That’s what I think while looking at you. Now you understand? There’s nothing in common with treating to someone like a beautiful knick-knack.”

“Stop talking,” Yao whispered, letting Ivan to undo clasps at his cheongsam and taking it off.

Ivan laughed suddenly.

“You know… I just wonder how you’ll call me during orgasm this time.”

Yao kicked him slightly.

“Baka.” They’ve both used this Japanese word sometimes. “You’ve trusted yourself upon it, I’ll call you a female name! Jeanne?”

“Like Jeanne d’Arc? A flattering comparison, but she was French!”

“So… Ioanna? Ivana?”

“There’s no female version of my name in Russia”.

“Then you’ll be Catherine!”

“What?! Why Catherine?!”

“After Catherine the Great”.

“The only Russian woman you know!”

“Should be grateful I give you the Empress’s name, you! And what about you, can you say you know a Chinese woman’s name at least?”

“Er… Baoyu! I read this book!”

“It was a man.”


Suddenly, they both became silent, just having the same feeling of being so closed, of desperately longing to become even more closer.

“Yes,” whispered Ivan, helping Yao to remove his pants and then dragging him close and wrapping legs around him. “Just let yourself feel it, Yao-jun, the happiness of possessing someone, you love so much. That’s nothing in common with a struggle for dominance… That’s just about you being the one to destroy that last barrier separating the two from each other. It is a very special feeling, I want you to… aaa… aaah!”

Yao stopped, but Ivan just embraced him tighter and kissed in the lips, impelling him not to stop, to move, to move faster. And it was really strange to feel him this way, being so submissive and at the same time so impelling. Hardening his thrusts, Yao looked at a drop of tears, appeared at the corner of violet eye and couldn’t help but remember their first time, being so intolerably painful for him, though Ivan did everything possible and impossible to make it gently, to make it tenderly. Was he feeling pain now as well? He must be, if this female body was… well… virgin, though he seemed not to care about this pain at all, just helping Yao in his thrusts while breathing heavily.

“Do you feel it?” heard Yao at the moment he was not able to restrain himself any more and just closed his eyes, forgetting of everything but this body, yielding to him so willingly, so gladly. “Is it nice? I want you to feel good, Yao-jun, I want to feel your wish — to become — me…”

“Yes,” Yao breathed, clinging fast to his body. “Vanya… Vanya… ah…”

…After it there were some blissful minutes without any thought in his head. Then, he opened his eyes and wasn’t surprised to see Vanya returned to his normal appearance and laughing.

“You’ve forgotten to call me a female name, Yao-jun!” he reminded, looking very pleased by this fact.

“Whatever… That’s you,” mumbled Yao, still being too exhausted to talk a lot.

“So, you admit there’s no difference between playing a “masculine” or “feminine” role while it’s all about two becoming one?”

Ivan suddenly sit up and bended over him, his hands pressed to the mattress on either side of his body, looking so tall and strong now, especially in comparison with his girl’s form, that Yao felt himself very small, even smaller than as when Ivan took him in his arms, or dragged him into his lap and they made love like that.

“Would you like to experience every kind of feelings about this process today?” whispered Ivan into his year, and the sound of his quiet voice sent shivers down Yao’s spine as well as a slight contact of their bodies, extremely arousing by this slightness precisely.

But all the same he answered, “Don’t think I want it now.”

It was the part of the game, really difficult for Ivan to get used to (though at last he seemed to accept it).

Yao never admitted he wanted to have sex, and it usually cost his lover a lot of time and efforts to, firstly, drag him into bed and secondly, undress him. But now it appeared like both of these stages were over, as they’ve already been in bed and naked. It went so easy today probably because of Yao being exceedingly struck by Ivan’s “experiment”, but anyway, it was an exception.

“Really?” Ivan raised himself a little to take a glance at Yao’s body, and Yao understood it was rather improvident to say he didn’t want anything while with the lack of clothes he gave himself away completely.

“I’m… I’m tired.”

“You don’t have to do anything. That’s me who wants to take all the work now.”


“Come on, Wang Yao… It won’t be so painful for you in the beginning as it usually is, after you’ve just had an orgasm… Or do you want me to suck you off for having another one at first?”

This practice to dirty talking, strangely combined in Ivan with somewhat reverent attitude towards sex confused Yao terribly. Though today he’s already been so much embarrassed, that now it didn’t work and instead of shame he felt another surge of arousal, provoked by these words.

He suddenly smiled.

“No, I don’t want you to suck me off.” It turned out to be unexpectedly easy to say this and then Yao enjoyed an expression of greatest astonishment at Ivan’s face. Finally, he also had a drop of unpredictability in him? “I want you to be tender with me.”

And now Ivan looked rather sad than surprised.

“That’s… maybe the first time you say what you really want,” he said with a smile and then spread Yao’s thighs, leaning in closer. “But I’m glad to hear it.”

And Yao just allowed it to happen - this sweet pain to creep over him, the feeling of submission wounding and at the same time ravishing him.

“You see? It hurts less today, right?” Ivan whispered, moving so slowly that it couldn’t help but disprove his words; it was painful, thought not rather physically, yet… In fact, Yao didn’t know how.

He breathed heavily resisting the temptation to moan and leaving Ivan to be the only one to express their feelings with all kinds of sounds, but possibly this time it didn’t mean a thing.

“Maybe you’ll be so sincere even to say you like this position better?..” Ivan almost breathed, burying his face in Yao’s neck.

Yao closed his eyes and spread his bended legs so accommodatingly wide, any other person would probably strain ligaments - but he always was very lithe.

It was an answer. Perhaps. He didn’t want to think about it.

…They didn’t hold out with this slowness too long, and actually Yao was the first to change the rhythm, squeezing Ivan tight and forcing him to move faster, though his lover didn’t appear to mind and satisfied this silent desire gladly.

“Please cry out for me a little,” hardly uttered Ivan, while Yao felt his body extremely tensing, and he just couldn’t refuse in a moment like this, also being so close to a final point of their love-making.

Ivan muttered something unintelligible, of what Yao could decipher only “inside you” - and then it was over.


“A full cycle, yeah?” heard Yao a few moments later, nevertheless he couldn’t even make himself open his eyes. He was somehow caught in between dream and wakefulness, and though not being asleep actually, he wasn’t able to move or react also. The sun was just so warm and relaxing…

And then again,
“I love you.”

Yao smiled with the corners of his lips (or it just seemed to him he did it) and this time fell asleep once and for all.

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first time come here

I love it~~~GJ
I am so happy to see a article of IVAN and YAO。
You are so good at English~you are a russia but write a areicle so long~OTZ
queen and princess is meaning girl...real....
BTW:Why YAO looks like so...ill temper.⊙ω⊙[I think most of Chinese are softness,or the the ill temper is special for his lover?LOL,really near me that my friend is very softness but very ill temper to her boy friend~
BTTW:though I real like to see IVAN be the top,but like this is amusing too ~~LOL[though I like BLmore then BG
cheer~hope to see more areicals~

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Only the administrator may read this comment.

I love it!

When I started reading, I was wondering how Ivan was going to turn into a girl! i-179 It was such a wonderful story, I wouldn't mind reading more NC-17 stuff...i-236
I think you did a great job with their personalities, oh, and I love all the other Russia/China stories you wrote too! ♥ (≧∀≦)


I'm new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP...
Do you know if this can be true;
http://www.bluestickers.info/ringtones.php ?
it came off http://ringtonecarrier.com
Thanks :)

No title

I am very sorry…
These faults are made by my silly .
Thanks a lot!

No title

And maybe because of this he looks... um... (don't know which word to choose) so active.
It's okay!:D For me, an active Ivan and a shy Yao seem IC. Hope that by communicating with more Chinese can you have an all-round impression on Yao( though I think you've already done quite well^ ^) . Can't wait to read more fics from you.XD

PS, What shockthem wanted to express is that she hoped you could recommend her some Russian forums on Hetalia ( Is there any? I have yet to try to google any Russian ones. *Excited as if discovering the Americas* )

No title

Somehow I found Ivan was mentally top even when he turned into the appearance of a girl, which meant Yao was destined to act as a sub. Sigh. Anyway I love fluffy fics of this kind. :D

BTW, should it be 'fell' in the line The scarf felt to the floor?
And when protesting that Ivan did treat him as a girl, Yao was supposed to say Yes, you ARE.

Only the administrator may view.

Only the administrator may read this comment.

No title

Well……Is it a Russiran article?Why is it in English?
But……If it is in Russiran,I can’t understand it ORZ
王耀(Wang Yao)is an Orient Queen,Ivan is a an Orient King.
God save the Queen and the King!XDDDDDDDDDD
Thanks a lot!
PS:Could you please give me some Ruaairan talk about aph ?
And I only understand English except Chinese.So……

No title

Russia/China is my favourite!
This is sooooooo sweet.

“Er… Baoyu! I read this book!”

“It was a man.”
Yeah , Ivan, Baoyu is a man XDDDD

Thanks a lot!

No title

This piece of work is really sweet and cute XD
Though I do think it's a little bit weird for Ivan to be a girl (by all means he is not girlish at all). Anyway, the female Ivan is still so sweet XD. (Forgive me for my China/Russia point of view^_^)
I love the bit of the name tricks XD

No title

It is so sweet!
yao is a shy man,special when Ivan became girl

U 2 so beautiful~!

It's so so so GJ!
You are great!
Although I'm a English Major student,
I cannot write H with English.
I should have been hardworking~~TTATT
[Hey! Hardworking should not be use on this!--teacher]
54's R/C pictures are so attractive to me that I go to her blog
everyday! It seems that you love there, too.
I do love R/C, and they are so well-matched in your work!
I am so exciting Russian girls also like R/C!
Do you have a MSN? I want to make friend with you~!
Here is mine "e.t.0208@qq.com"
If it's possible, I'll be so glad!

Vanya GJ

Now i can read your blog !

Vanya,SO sexy!NC-17 GJ!!(Blush)
I like this article very much!!!XDDD

No title


I'm amazing 8O,169 cm is a a kinda medium height......(Although I heard......
I'm just 160 cm(sad
Chinese is short stature,Except Yao Ming XP

No title

Oh, thank you, everyone^_^

She was taller than Yao?
YES, Russian girls are rather tall ^^
I am 169 cm myself and it is not considered to be very tall XDD It is a kinda medium height.

No title

Ooops!It's so cute and sweet 8D
Ivan(girl) was very sexy and beautiful ><,She was taller than Yao?XP
I love you!!(cry)
Really,the text is fucking good!
(Sorry for my English <3

No title

Oh my gosh!That's so sweet!><
I like it!

No title


It's very funny when Yao is shy.Especially when Vanya became a girl.HHHaHaHa


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