Ghost Haunting

Author: Vansaires
Title: Ghost Haunting
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Ivan Braginskiy/Wang Yao
Rating: PG (13?)
Warning: Yaoi. Lousy English. AU and OOC (that means I do not take Vanya and Yao as Russia and China but as a Russian and a Chinese instead)

Just a note: brew is called "braga" in Russian, so hence the Braginskiy surname appeared.

…That evening they were celebrating the wedding of one of the princes, and it was a sumptuous feast, with lots of dainty dishes and brew flowing like water. He liked this beverage made of malt, hop, honey and sugar, liked it very much; the sweetness of it just reminded the sweetness of someone’s lips, and the warmth spreading throughout his veins after drinking the third glass was just like a warmth after the night of love. Though he always got inebriated very easy, and this time he also felt his head swimming soon, enforced to rise from the table.

He went out of the marquee and leant against the tree, enjoying the scent of the south night, the dark color of the starlit sky, the quiet sound of cicadas chirring somewhere in the rye; his fingers slid on of the birch’s bark and it’s rough surface leaved splinters in his palm just seemed to him to be a smooth softness of someone’s skin. He was too drunk, after all.

And because of that he should have not been surprised to see that vision again, the dark figure coming nearer and nearer, the long black hair, pale skin, and the large brown eyes, flashed by the irregular moonlight – though he was.

“Oh, no!” he shouted. “Not again! Begone, evil spirit!”

But the evil spirit didn’t want to be gone. Therefore he unsheathed his sword and rushed towards him forgetting the ghosts can’t be destroyed with the power of weapon.

“…the hell you’re doing, bastard?! You’re drunk!”

“Oh… yes. My fault, knyaz.”

The several minutes they remained silent, then the prince laughed. He couldn’t be angry on a night like this, after all.

“Just who are you?” he asked. “I saw you among my warriors and couldn’t remember your name. Are you from my squad?”

“Maybe”, he smiled.

“Then what’s your name? I thought it was Ivan. After all, all of you are Ivans… Is it so?”


“The hell you’re harp on the same, maybe, maybe! Do you know anything at all?! Or the brew from my cellar made you forget of everything?” Ivan didn’t answer and the prince laughed again, enjoying his own joke. “Oh yes, that’s a very good brew. And you seemed to like it so much, your last name should be Braginskiy, I think.”

“So let it be Braginskiy,” grinned Ivan.

The prince was pleased.

“Then, Ivan Braginskiy, have a drink of more brew with me! Servant, bring us the brew!”

Ivan took the brimmer offered him… and then suddenly saw in the reflection that face; the face belonged to the best and the worst of his nightmares again. He dropped the bowl out of his hands.

“…the hell you’re doing, a silly boy?!” the old woman asked, deftly catching up the bowl he dropped. “That is the potion I’ve been boiling for you for 3 months, and you’ve almost spilled it!”

The old woman had a scary wrinkled face, the crooked yellow teeth and the unpleasant grin. There was a terrible stink in the den, coming from the cauldrons with slops, and Ivan felt himself choking.

“Just… who are you?!” forced he himself to ask.

“Don’t you remember, a silly boy?! Or the one drop of my potion made you forget about everything?” the witch laughed. “You came to me several months ago and begged to save you from the vision haunting you everywhere. And this is the medicine I’ve made for you”.

And this time he remembered. So, the scene with prince was just a daydream?.. Whatever.

“Okay, just give it to me!” he tried to snatch the bowl out of sorceress’s hands, but she was faster and didn’t let him.

“You want to forget about this vision so much?” she chuckled. “Will you give everything you have to get out of it?”

“Everything!” answered Ivan doubtlessly.”Just… just let my body burn with flames, if it helps me to throw this face out of my mind and my heart!”

“So, you want fire,” summed the witch up. “But be careful playing with it.”

She gave him the bowl back.


And he drunk.

And then felt his body shaking, trembling, burning with the feeling of contact with another body, so close to his; his eyes watered because of the sight of large brown eyes, as if he looked directly at the bright sun.

“You deceived me! You, the old liar!” Ivan bawled, turning towards the witch. “He’s here again!”

But she only giggled. “But that’s not my fault you’re thought about the fire before drinking the potion! So, you’ll be burning forever in the flames of eternal love! Isn’t that you’ve really wanted?”

“No! No, I’ll…” he lapsed into silence feeling despair - and then unexpectedly grabbed the candle from a candlestick with the one hand, caught the strand of a long black hair with another and set it on fire. “Well, if so, then let us both burn with it to ashes!”

“…the hell you’re doing, a crazy one?! Are you going to make a fire?!”

The prince drew the candle out of his hands and quickly blew it out.

“The last bowl of brew was too much for you, I suppose!”

“Seems so…” Ivan breathed and then suddenly confessed, “I have a vision. That’s like an evil spirit chasing me… A beautiful evil spirit.”

“A woman?”

“A don’t know whether it’s a woman or a man… I remember just the face… the eyes… and the hair.”

“This is a bad thing. I heard about incidents like this. Someone put an evil curse on you, that’s no doubt about it! And now the succubus haunts you. Take this and wear on you, it will help. The merciful Lord won’t let the devil’s limb appear again!”

The prince took off a cross from his neck and gave it to his comrade. Ivan took it, sensed the cool weight of the metal in his palm, watched the gold shining in the light of the sun, rising slowly in the icy-blue sky and felt calmness. Although he was christened, he didn’t know until this time he really believed this God. There were so many of them - Perun, Veles, Svarog, Morana... But he never felt it before, as though he was protected with the power much greater than he himself.

“Jesus my Lord, save me from the evil creation being able to ruin my soul, “ he thought.

When he woke up it was already dawning outdoors, and he lied for a long time without opening his eyes, just enjoying the warmth and the tenderness of morning’s sunlight. He felt himself rather strange – as being somewhat filled with a quiet joy, making his body so light, that it seemed feasible to fly. He smiled – and then felt another strange thing.

The fingers on his shoulder, the weight of another body pressed to his.

He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the eyes of the other, light-brown ones.

His heart began to thump heavily, though this time he didn’t even shake, just stretched his hand and felt the light, hardly noticeable kiss of the lips to his fingers. Then, with the left hand Ivan touched the cross on his chest; however he didn’t ask himself, why the cross hadn’t help.

There was no chance this vision… was it a vision only?.. could be a devil’s limb. It was a child of the light.

“What’s your name?” asked Ivan quietly.

“What do you want it to be?” was an answer.

He looked at these eyes again.

“An Orient Queen.”

“That’s not a name.”

“That’s what I see. Is it another dream? There were so many of them recently…”

“It’s up to you to decide”.

The beautiful stranger smiled… and then the sun glared so brightly, Ivan had to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he was already alone.

“Wait!” shouted he, jumping to his feet. “Where are you?!”

He ran out from the marquee and almost knocked the prince down.

“What, the evil spirit again?! Is it that the cross didn’t help?!”

Ivan smiled, suddenly astonished by the beauty of the amber-colored rye fields, stretching to the very horizon. The day was so sunny it seemed the whole world was just transpierced with light.

“It didn’t help me to banish him… But maybe it will help me to find him again?”

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No title

Not enough! I want a sequel~~Or the pity that the two of them have just met for once will keep haunting me~ lol



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