"Шелкопряд" seems to be the best song about Creativity, I've ever heard...

That's what Hellawes also says in her interview: "The "Silkworm" is probably the most painful, the most nervous song in the album, because it's the song about how the songs are written. This is almost always a very painful and intimate process for me, with blood. When a person needs to sing and he doesn't have this possibility, then he can fall ill really; this music, that lives inside of him, it can make a stomach ulcer, or make holes in the lungs, and then it will be a tuberculosis, and this song will go out like the real blood. I know this to a certainty, I know such people".

That is an absolute true... She talks about songs, but these words could also be applied to the other genres of Art, I'm totally sure. I feel just the same, when I can not write (and I can not for 3 months already, and this is such a pain, I really wish my body was thorn apart, but the words flowed out my fingers just like a blood - oh, I'm so pathetic, but whatever).

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