Oh yes!!! I've found a closed wood not so far from my work (and got lost in it, but it turned for the better eventually, as far as I found the gates even nearer to my office). Now I'll be able to go for a walk there during my lunch break. I've been dreaming of such a quiet piece of nature for such a long time! It's just surprising I didn't find it earlier... Such a luck the cash dispenser in my office was broken today and I had to go the different way then I planned before!

It was so beautiful, the tiny droplets of ice in the branches, shining in the sunlight... There's still only my mobile phone's camera, and it can not imprint these details, just likewise my poor English isn't able to express my true feelings, but all the same.




Oh, the only wish I had was to be there with someone of my true family... (see the previous post )

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