Lost in Daydreams

Another day reading books about Russian history and daydreaming. Almost seeing this like it's happening in front of my eyes: amber valleys, fragrant herbs, clear blue sky, waters of the river, shining in the sun - the bright colours of golden and blue everywhere. And green, the spring... Then, a prince with his squad, cordial, cheerful, smiling to the sun; painted towers of Novgorod, a fair and people, dancing and laughing. And the sun, everywhere... Is it the lack of the sun influencing me so?..

That was the cruel, barbaric times, just don't know why I take it like this - feeling myself happy and lively when thinking of it.

Oh yes, just like this...

(Nicholas Roerich - "Guests from Overseas")

It seems to be impossible to express these feelings about my native land and it's history in unnative language, but his paintings are better than the words...

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