Millenium actress

What a film!! What a film!! (I really can not call it just an animation).


A woman loving a man, another man loving this woman, their meetings through dreams, through past, present and future, fantasy interwined with reality and 7 films just like 7 lifes, tied with symbols and symbolic scenes...


The first theme I liked so much - the Woman. The woman in love, struggling for her love, and though this love doesn't make her happy in a common meaning of this word and eventually turns out to be an illusion only, no one can deny, that it was the greatest power in her life, making her live, create, overcome any obstacle and make impossible possible. That is a man, who's usually considered to be the one, creating in the name of his love, in the name of his beloved one - Petrarca and Laura, Goethe and Lotta - but it's just so unfair! This is the same for both of the genders. I always wanted to write about a woman, making her life and her creativity a dedication to someone she loves. And "Millenium actress" is about it totally.


The second theme - love... Love as chasing endlessly the stealing and unachievable image, and it is significant that we never see the face of a man Chiyoko is in love with. It seems to me I've already met the definition of love as a light, that is reflected in different people you meet and love in your life, but the true sourse of this light is hidden, and you'll know what it is (probably) after your death only. Maube it'll turn out to be your "divine half", or you yourself, or the Absolute, or... nothing? But it is said that while the whole world is just an illusion, love and hate will be the only things to remain after the Universe fall asleep. And I like these words:)


"The world has changed. I didn't even imagined how to find him. But there still was a chance he'll watch one of the films I took part in".
But after all it turns out that the person, who watched and adored all of these films, was a different man, not the one she loved. Oh... *cries* Isn't it always so? The best works of art are usually created in the name of those, who don't know or care about it (the same Goethe and Petrarca as example). But then, the fruits of this work turn out to be a real value for someone else, not the one whom they were intended for - and that's the beautiful and sad law of the Universe.


And Genya... who's life is just a reflection of Chiyoko's life and who's possibly her real "divine half", though they'll both never know about it. "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction"(Antoine de Saint-Exupery) That was always one of my favourite quotations...


Oh... this film is exactly what I needed to see. Thanks.

And the music. Wonderful, as it's usual for anime, especially full-length ones (70% of my 80 Gb iPod is anime OSTs )



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