"Шелкопряд" seems to be the best song about Creativity, I've ever heard...

That's what Hellawes also says in her interview: "The "Silkworm" is probably the most painful, the most nervous song in the album, because it's the song about how the songs are written. This is almost always a very painful and intimate process for me, with blood. When a person needs to sing and he doesn't have this possibility, then he can fall ill really; this music, that lives inside of him, it can make a stomach ulcer, or make holes in the lungs, and then it will be a tuberculosis, and this song will go out like the real blood. I know this to a certainty, I know such people".

That is an absolute true... She talks about songs, but these words could also be applied to the other genres of Art, I'm totally sure. I feel just the same, when I can not write (and I can not for 3 months already, and this is such a pain, I really wish my body was thorn apart, but the words flowed out my fingers just like a blood - oh, I'm so pathetic, but whatever).


Oh yes, yes, yes!!! At last they uploaded the MP3-version of the new album!.. (The crisis; it was too expensive, we couldn't allow ourselves to buy it...)


That's probably the only Russian group I love SO much. Everything - melodies, songs and texts, very good texts, just like poetry. Yesterday we were at the concert, and Hellawes's voice is something really astonishing (yeah, that's me saying it, who usually prefers instrumental music). Oh...


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Нам песня жить и строить помогает

Here I uploaded some of my favourite music. Not everything, of course)) And not international, only Russian.


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