A full cycle

Somebody wanted NC-17? >_<

Here it is, though I was totally wrong considering it would be easier to do it in English than in Russian. The heck with the shyness, I just do not know enough words to describe the process! XDDD Well… what is done, it is done.

Author: Vansaires
Title: A full cycle
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: China/Russia, Russia/China
Rating: well… not NC-17 actually, but it’s all about smut XD
Genre: PWP!
Warning: Lousy English. AU and OOC (that means I do not take Ivan and Yao as Russia and China but as a Russian and a Chinese instead). Smut. Slash (though also contains a scene of het sex with female!Vanya… sorry, I just wanted Yao to be seme as well^^)
to loli武士

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Ghost Haunting

Author: Vansaires
Title: Ghost Haunting
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Ivan Braginskiy/Wang Yao
Rating: PG (13?)
Warning: Yaoi. Lousy English. AU and OOC (that means I do not take Vanya and Yao as Russia and China but as a Russian and a Chinese instead)

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Of pairings and masochism

Well, I stare at the picture and think about this pairing, Alfred/Vanya.
It could have been a perfect fic, and maybe I could write it rather well, as far as for some time I was also fascinated by all of this - glamour, american dream, popularity and so on.
So, indulging in lust, falling in abyss, feeling himself dirty - and Yao being an image of true PURE and impossible love (not very historically correct, but whatever, we'll make it like the difference between East and West in Vanya's mind).  HAHAHA!
Oh God, I'm such a pervert masochist...
Why am I usually aroused by things making me feel pain?
Or that's just a protective reaction?
The long and short of it, I just feel that it IS wrong. And try not to allow such thoughts, but that's not so easy.
Sometimes I rather feel myself like a Dostoevsky's hero XDDDDDD After all, he's a great psychologist. Shoud re-read "Idiot", surely...

Being the both of us

OK. I knew some day it would end up like this, me, writing some silly, banal and confused things in a language, which I surely do not know enough for some literature activities.
But well... I hope that's at least useful for my English ^____^

Author: Vansaires
Title: Being the "both of us"
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Russia/China... or rather Ivan/Yao as far as I can't make myself take them as countries (so, that means OOC and AU, right?)
Rating: PG (13?)
Warning: Yaoi. And lousy English (especially punctuation T_T )
Dedicated to loli武士, as far as her drawings give me inspiration. (However I wish this inspiration made me write stories, better than this... )

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Sunflowers field

Oh my god, that Vanya's sunflower - I usually thought about him making love with Yao in the field of sunflowers))) However, it seemed to me very uncomfortable... I know these sunflowers, they are so big, and though, and thorny...
But well, I'm watcning "Black Cat, White Cat" now and they actually do it in the field of sunflowers! *delighted*
Are Vanya and Yao worse? XDDD

That's it...
In the film:

And in reality:



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