Sound Horizon

And now I'm with a question...

Maybe someone knows and would be so kind >_< to retell me the plot of Sound Horizon's stories? It seems to me like this group is popular in China also... And I've become a real fan XDDD Though I can not find in English Internet anything about stories they tell in their albums T_T I'm so curious about it... Especially about latest release,"Moira".

I don't understand, what is it - a new fashion for C/R at LP? LOL
Ohhh... I wished to have a favourite pairing without any argues about this top/bottom thing for such a long time and finally it seemed to me that I found it. But then... again?!
Why am I so unluckyyyyy? *tears to no end* XDDDDDDDDDD

UPD. A-a-and... the new stab in the back!!! My friends say that in the new serie of APH (I don't watch it) Vanya finally appears and looks terribly ukeish XDD I know, dear Universe, that's all for me, to show that no calmness can last for a long time LOL
(No, I won't give up! Especially taking into account that I read no manga, watch no anime and imagine Vanya's personality just like I want it to imagine XDDD And no-o-o-o, I'll never accept him wiping "it hurts"... OMG! OMG! OMG! My poor sensitive nervous system...)

Some weird thoughts in the middle of the night.

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The feeling of happiness is very subjective and doesn't depend on circumstances absolutely. For me happiness means interest. A calm (without too passionate, boiling emotions) but strong and vivid feeling of interest to the world, that can be sort of a background for all of my actions and thoughts. Perhaps that's something all of us experienced in childhood, a magical feeling of everything being new and exciting and curious to explore?
I wonder, why it usually disappears when we grow up. When it disappears? When we begin to think too much about reaction of the outer world, of public to our actions? When we begin to think about ourselves too much in general? (That's not like this in a childhood; while being kids we do not think about ourselves, but sooner different characters - fairies, wizards, dragons, princesses... XDDDD)
I do not know. Though I'm going to continue trying to find this feeling again, again and again, even if takes the whole my life to succeed.


The terrible thing is that when I see somewhere in Internet a man who just writes correctly (Russian I mean), without spelling and punctuation errors, I'm ready to fall in love with him Because it's such a rarity. Especaially for males. Ohh... Is it so difficult to learn and use all the rules? Or that's just because no one bothers itself with reading?
And yes, I am fastidious. Woe from wit, damn it... I understand my mom who married my father not being in love with him, but just because he was the only smart man she knew.



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